Cultural Influences On Norms And Expectations In Family Relationships

12 May 2021
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Culture has a significant impact on family relationships. The impact is attributable to the fact that different cultures have distinct sets of values and ways of life. The cultural influences in family relationships result in varying norms and behaviors among family members. Families are constantly searching for ways to change their relationships and reinforce their family ties as time passes. Relationship and family counselors have made a significant contribution by assisting an increasing number of families in recognizing and addressing cultural influences in family relationships. Read More 

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Shopping For A Bridal Gown This Spring

21 April 2016
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Going shopping for your bridal gown can be one of the best parts of preparing for your wedding. However, it can be easy to mess up this amazing experience as well. Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes when going shopping for your gown.  Leave Your Entourage At Home Many brides mistakenly think that they should bring their entire bridal part with them when they go dress shopping. However, bringing your entire gang can actually make the process of trying on and finding the right dress harder. Read More 

Clothing Tips For Attending An Outdoor Burial In The Winter

18 April 2016
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Finding some dark or muted clothing to wear to a traditional funeral service and burial when the weather is pleasant isn't typically a challenge, but if you plan to attend a funeral and there will be a burial or placement of the ashes in a columbarium at the cemetery, you'll be facing cold weather and will have to dress accordingly. The concern comes if your typical winter wardrobe doesn't possess the heat to keep you warm if you're standing outside for a long period of time or if it isn't visually suited to wear at such a solemn occasion. Read More 

The Best Ways To Get Approved For Adoption

11 August 2015
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If you think you want to adopt a child but you aren't sure if you meet the qualifications, there are a few things you'll want to do before you meet with an adoption agency. To make sure that you look the ideal candidate, you want to know what the agency will be looking for. As long as you don't have any criminal charges, your personality and character shouldn't be an issue when you go to adopt. Read More